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Birthdate:Dec 5
Location:California, United States of America

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CAPSLOCK, , (°ℇ °), /x/, 2ne1, 99% probability of cult, a very potter musical, achewood, adam hills, american idol, anal ruptures, anorexia nervosa, are you my mate, art, atheism, augusten burroughs, australia, avril lavigne, batman, blackcest, bromance, bureaucracy, cake, call me sir, capslock, cats, christian bale, ciel/miharu, cillian murphy, code geass, coffee, creepypasta, damn it luminor, death eaters, death note, dr brian cox, drawing, english, family guy, fanfiction, fat old men, fenrir greyback, fictional psychopaths, franken fran, fruit tops, fuckyou i like vista, gijinka, glee, goats, gore, gummi tummy, guro, harry potter, harry/draco, horror manga, house, hysterical laughter, i-think-you-need-put-in-arkham, icon making, internet acronyms, j2, james/sirius, jim-sturgess:-5%-of-men, jon stewart, junji ito, kfashion, kirk/spock, kris allen: missing link, kuroshitsuji, large hadron collider, life college, lionel hutz, lol, lolita, mark trail, ministry of magic, misty's vagina, molly lewis, music, nail polish, old-men-who-look-like-turtles, ouran, patrick stewart, people who yell alot, porn, princess tutu, reading the dictionary, rps, science, screenagers, shintaro kago, slash, slytherin, snape/harry, south park, star trek, steampunk, stop doing that, supernatural, taking the bus, tengen toppa gurren lagann, the victorian era, uzumaki, viscount fruit, voldemort, washing my hands, wing!fic, woll smoth, wrock, your mom, ¯\(º_o)/¯, ಥ﹏ಥ, ☆彡, , 同性愛である
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